Haley Rice

As President of the company, Haley is with the client from start to finish. VWC is Haley’s passion and as Rob’s daughter she has inherited his eye for creativity and drive to move the company forward.

Carlos 'C.J.' Contreras

Lead Installer and shop Foreman C.J. is in charge of making all of our projects run as smoothly as possible. With Rob's retirement, C.J. has taken over his position in the shop.

Dani Contreras

Office manager and personal assistant to Haley, Dani is charge of marketing and all things "behind the scenes"

Robert Rice

Former President of the company Robert is now retired and acts as a consultant to Haley. With over 30+ years of experience and Rob’s eye for detail and creativity Viking Wine Cellars is heads above the competition.


Cutter Rice-Sintes

Cutter is our office mascot and enjoys supervising in the shop, going on adventures, and helping with office work.


John Wickersham

John is a reliable and valued consultant to the Viking Wine Cellars Team. He is responsible for research and development, material ordering, and quality control.